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The membership for your soul.

The Goddess Collective is open for enrolment!

Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held by women who get it.

Your place to grow, to heal, to laugh, and to feel.

Your place to find your goddess tribe.

What is the Goddess Collective?

Hello, goddess.

Starting out on your spiritual and personal growth journey can be a lonely venture. Sometimes it feels like nobody around you really gets it. They don’t wanna read the books, do the meditations, and they don’t understand why you’re collecting crystals or reading angel cards. Maybe they don’t wanna go to the seminars and they love to make fun of you every time you talk about ‘The Universe.’

They don’t get it. But it’s okay babe. Cos we do.

I designed the Goddess Collective to be a beautiful virtual home for women of my community to come together in community to feel supported on their path to becoming the greatest versions of themselves, and focus on their self love, self development and self mastery.

Each month, we share nourishing workshops and brilliant wisdom from teachers who lead from the heart. We set goals together that absolutely make your soul sing, and then start making those dreams of yours a reality, with the support of goddesses all around the world. If you’ve been hungry for more – this is for you.

In 2020, our focus will be on the Divine Feminine. We’ll be diving into all things pleasure, sex, sensuality, polarity, masculine and feminine energies, relationships, and the shadow self. You’ll be getting to know yourself intimately as a woman.

An example of topics we will cover…

Manifesting your Desires
Conscious Relationships
Finding Your Purpose
Money Mindset
Masculine and Feminine Energies
Menstrual Magic
Crystal Healing
And so much more…

Each month you’ll receive…

  • A soul centred, themed video workshop from Mel, plus accompanying worksheets to dive deep into that topic.
  • Live Aphrodite Circles with Mel to heart jam on our monthly theme and dive deeper into your soul.
  • Fortnightly moonology readings.
  • And, a book club…

NEW! Monthly Aphrodite Circles

Each month in 2020, we’ll gather online from all over the world and have deep and powerful conversations and sharing circles on all things female sensuality, sex, relationships and pleasure. This is your place to feel held, supported and loved by women who truly understand you.

Full Moon and New Moon Readings

Each full moon and new moon, we’ll provide you with a detailed reading personalised to you, so you can understand your chart better and work with the lunar cycles. We even have an expert Moonology workshop, along with workbooks and guides to help you along your journey!

The Book Club

Each month I’ll recommend a book of the month to go alongside our workshop and theme, so you can dive in deeper and take your personal growth journey to the next level in any field you feel the most drawn to.

And coming Soon…

In person Aphrodite Circles and Introductory Pole and Sensual Dance Workshops – to help you connect with your feminine, sexual energy and reclaim your sensuality in a safe space with our support.

And there’s more…

A Goddess Directory World Map

So you can connect with other goddesses from over 30 countries around the world, and arrange your own meet ups and goddess circles in person! Welcome to your new sisterhood of women who want to grow with you… Who are hungry for more out of life, just like you are. Who want to have deeper conversations about love, life, meaning, purpose, sex, spirituality, manifestation, The Universe, and everything in between.

What our Goddesses have to say
about The Collective

Since starting the Collective I’ve been assertive with my wants and needs and saying no! I’ve also become a lot more strict with my boundaries. In addition to this, I posted the other day about how beneficial the Limiting Beliefs exercise has been. I’ve been loving the content and I’m so grateful for this community.

Chloe, UK

I’m loving getting to work on myself more! I’ve become more aware of habits etc. I sometimes think I could be actioning more, but then I know I need to have a little patience that those things will come to be when they need to! Trusting is the key!

Harriet , UK

The Collective has helped me to really push myself with my Pilates Instructor Course theory and really push on with my exercise. I  haven’t been depressed for the longest time ever in my adult life, loving the Goddess meet-ups too. Love you Mel and all the Collective Goddesses! It’s changed my life so much.

Cordelia , UK

Welcome to your new home, Goddess.

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Why this price?

$47 a month works out to around $1.50 per day, or £1.12. See this membership like a monthly gym membership for your soul, for the year ahead.

This is not a disposable purchase you will click ‘buy’ on, and then forget all about. The Goddess Collective is a reminder that your self growth is the best investment you can make, and a community and club that you will partake in every single month.

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on attending retreats, seminars and masterminds. But I believe everyone who is committed to becoming the greatest version of themselves, can invest $1.50 per day. Not everyone is ready to step up for themselves, and not everyone believes they are worth investing in. But I hand on my heart believe that if something feels like a worthy investment, then you will make the effort to prioritise getting your value from it.

This is for women who are ready to step up in 2020 and embody their full feminine essence and claim their power.

What our Goddesses have to say
about The Collective

Since doing the work in The Collective so much has shifted! I can’t believe the changes in my finances. It’s the best decision I made for myself!

Michelle , UK

“Loving all the goddesses, meeting them and making new friendships!”

Helen , UK

“I love having the live videos for the book club and the Q&A each month. I try to put the time aside for each live because they feel really special to me.” 

Shayla , New Zealand

And there’s even more!

Bonus Interviews Including…

5 video interviews with leading experts


Lucy Sheridan

on Comparison

Lucy Sheridan is the world’s first and only Comparison Coach. In this interview, we dive deep into comparison, envy, and our relationships with social media. Lucy gives it to us straight, and helps us navigate the often tricky world of living our lives online.

Emily Williams

on Money Mindset

Money mindset maven and founder of I Heart My Life, Emily and Mel sit down to talk about women claiming their success, and being unapologetic about their financial goals.

Persia Lawson

 on Relationships

Leading Love Coach and Author of The Inner Fix, Persia and Mel sit down to talk about breaking free of toxic patterns around relationships, stop attracting emotionally unavailable partners, and calling in your soulmate.

Chloe Brotheridge

on Anxiety

I sit down with leading Anxiety expert and therapist Chloe Brotheridge, and discuss how we can manage anxiety, create more confidence and courage, and move towards the things that scare us.

Yasmin Boland

on The Moon

The UK’s leading Moonology expert Yasmin Boland educates us on all things astrology and the moon, to help you understand what’s happening for you in your chart every new moon and full moon! You’ll also get a bonus 2020 moon workbook, so you’ll know what each moon means personally for you in all areas of your life.

Tamara Dreissen

On Crystal Healing

*Coming Soon* I sit down with crystal healer, tarot reader and author of The Crystal Code, Tamara Dreissen, also known as Wolf Sister – and we discuss all things crystals for beginners, modern mysticism and energy healing, to help us awaken our intuition and soothe the burdens of modern life.

Goals with Soul Video Training

For you to dive into at any point throughout the year, to create meaningful goals in alignment with your desires.

Goddess Collective Instagram Page

For more advice, support and inspiration in your daily feed, to make your social media a soulful place to hang.

Welcome to your new home, Goddess.

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Meet Your Host

Mel Wells is a two time Number One Bestselling Author published with Hay House. Her books, ‘The Goddess Revolution’ and ‘Hungry For More’, have been described by OK magazine as “bibles” to help women quit dieting, and heal their relationship with food and their bodies. Mel has given talks at TEDX, and at Google HQ in London, and she has appeared on TV as a guest on ITV’s Loose Women. She was featured in Forbes Under 30, who described Mel as “giving a voice to the silent struggle billions of women know so well.” Mel works with clients through her online programs, 1-1, and at her luxury Goddess retreats around the world. Mel also has founded the UK’s first Self Love Summit, a one day live event for inspiration, empowerment, and education. Mel lives in London with her partner Rick, and is currently in Tantra training to become a certified Love, Sex and Relationships Coach too, to help women become sexually liberated and have deeper, more soulful and connected relationships.

The less official version…

Hey! It’s me, Mel. I’m a double Aquarian, and a Pisces Rising, who loves to travel, dance, act, practice yoga, read books, learn new things, and make the most out of every day. I’m obsessed with personal growth, self love and all things being a woman. I love hip hop and R’n’B, and my fav cocktail is an extra spicy margharita! I live in London but am a total gypsy at heart. I’m in a beautiful committed relationship with my soulmate, Rick who I love to grow with year after year. I’ve spent the last 5 years helping women heal their relationships with food and their bodies, love themselves deeply, and discover new meaning and purpose in their lives, and I’m beyond excited to now get to share so much more. I’m a Type 1 on the Enneagram and I’m obsessed with turtles. No idea why, but I think I might have been one in a past life!

What our Goddesses have to say
about The Collective

“I actually looked through my diary and found I AM ON POINT!!!! Here’s 3 goals/reverse engineering lifestyle changes I’ve made since joining The Collective:
1. On track with the budget and paying off debt 💸
3. I am training 6xweek for my ballet exam 💃🏼

Sara, Australia

“I just looove this group!! It’s so amazing to have such a supportive group of women like this. Also the monthly live is amazing, just to be there with everyone and chat about the topic and how we feel. It feels like the most safe place where we can all share our stories and support each other.”

Merel , Netherlands

“I love that this journey is making me more and more active in creating my life and that I’m behaving less like a passive passenger, who life happens to. I love how it has shown me that I can create what I want, even if that takes time, and also that it is WORTH working for! I have also noticed that I am better with money, my outlook on life has shifted from what I don’t have/am not to what I can’t wait to have/be.”

Nush , UK

Your new
soul home…

Say hello to your new soul home, and the place where your dreams will be visioned and then birthed into reality.

Set your goals with soul, integrate your masculine and feminine energies and have a support system of goddesses to lift you up and cheer you on.

If you’ve been looking for that global tribe of sisters who will support your personal and spiritual growth month after month, this is it, babe!

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What our Goddesses have to say
about The Collective

“I’m feeling very grateful at the moment because everything seems to be falling in to place. Since starting my new job I’ve been taking much better care of myself. I’m also now in a position where I get more time to do meaningful direct work with young people and where my pay has increased, giving me financial security.”

Lana , UK

“Where to start…🎉 facing my fears! Skydive booked and currently raised £1400 for my chosen charity👏💖Bit the bullet and joined B’School. Saying NO more often to things that don’t serve me or that are not a HELL YES💪 I have read 5 self development books this year already. Have another few already waiting to be read📚🤓 so many other things too💖super grateful for being part of this community👏🎉💞 Thank you Melissa Wells ❤️”

Alix , UK

“I LOVE the Collective! It’s amazing seeing women come together to motivate, inspire and support each other through life’s highs and lows. I love having this community to come to where everyone GETS it and is lit up by striving towards living their best life. The monthly modules have brought so much consistency and structure to my personal development work. Thank you Mel for creating this wonderful space 💛”

Katie , UK

Welcome to your new home, Goddess.

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What our Goddesses have to say about The Collective

“I love the sense of community and enpowerment… is magical watching other women help other women , rather than being pegged in competition. So refreshing and exactly how it should be. I have had a few ups and downs, and I feel I have a safe space to go to.”

Kimberley , UK

“I’ve also done so much manifestation work my world has opened. Already I’ve realized my potential to live the life I’ve always dreamed. I’m diving headfirst into limiting beliefs, and truly following my intuition for the first time in my life. Beyond that, I’m HEALING. My relationship with food and my body has changed for the better EXPONENTIALLY since joining the collective… And I am, truly, the happiest I’ve been in all my life.”

Meghan , UK

“I love this group, for its amazing and supportive feel. I love the monthly topics and the workbooks, and the lives etc. I love the fact that I can work at a pace that suits me. Looking at the group feels like catching up with a lovely friend 🙂 “

Alison , UK

Got a question…?

Can I leave any time?

Yes, we don’t tie you into a contract, which means if you want to leave your monthly membership, just let us know at 7 days before your next payment due date if you wish to do so, and one of the team will be in touch asap. However, we think you’ll love it so much, you’ll want to stay! Please note, if you leave as a member, you will also lose access to the membership site, the workshops, and the community.

Are there goddesses in my area that I can be friends with?

Most likely! We have members all around the world, and you can find and connect with them on our world map! We love helping women find their soul sisters around the world. We have lots of UK Goddesses, all over America and Canada, a solid tribe in Australia and we have goddesses over Europe, Asia and New Zealand too!

Are there payment plans available?

This is a monthly membership, which means each month, your $47 will be charged. Or, you can save money and become an annual member, which means you’ll pay for the year upfront!

I work long hours / am a busy mum! Will I be able to keep up with the content?

Absolutely. This isn’t a step by step program, so there’s no pressure to keep up or do everything at the same time as the other ladies inside the membership. The workshops are digestible and easy to fit around your life, and you can take everything at your own pace and in your own time. See this as your new hobby, your new act of self care, your new way to spend your ‘me time’.

Do you offer refunds?

If after joining The Collective on our monthly subscription, you wish to make changes to your membership you can reach out to the team at for further information. If you have opted for an annual subscription we cannot refund your payment pro-rata but we can cancel your renewal for the following year.