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Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held.  Your place to grow, to heal, to laugh, and to cry. Your place to find your tribe.

What is the Goddess Collective?

I designed the Goddess Collective to be a beautiful virtual home for women to come together and focus on their self love, self development and self mastery.

Each month, we will share nourishing workshops and brilliant wisdom from teachers who lead from the heart.

I want you to set goals that absolutely make your soul sing, and then start making those dreams of yours a reality, with the support of goddesses all around the world.

If you’ve been hungry for more – this is for you.

With so much love,

An example of topics we will cover…

  • Manifesting Your Desires
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Taking The Leap
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Money Mindset
  • Flow State
  • Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Starting a Business
  • Menstrual Magic
  • Female Friendships
  • High Performance
  • And so much more…

(and you will get to vote for what you want more of!)

Each quarter we’ll have….

  • Goal setting and visualisation activities, so you can envision the next 3 months at a time.
  • Reviews of what you accomplished, and most importantly, how it felt.

Each month you’ll receive…

  • A soul centred, themed video workshop plus accompanying workbook to dive deep into that topic.
  • Goal setting and visualisation activities for the month ahead.
  • Live Q+A with Mel to heart jam on our monthly theme and dive deeper.
  • Fortnightly moonology readings.
  • In person meet ups in your area (optional)
  • And, a book club…

A sisterhood of women who want to GROW…

Who love you.

Who get it.

Who are hungry for more out of life, just like you.

Who can dish out the great advice, but also give it to themselves.

Who want to support you in becoming the greatest version of you.

“Mel is a beautiful, gorgeous shining light, a healer, a teacher and a dear friend. She’s trailblazing a path to help us go deeper into our own connection with our true self.

Shannon Kaiser

Bestselling Author of The Self Love Experiment, writer, mentor, and life coach

“Mel is a true inspiraton and a shining light, sharing her authentic self and story to help others create their own wonderful and fulfilling best versions of themselves.”

Julie Montagu

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Author of 4 books including Eat Real Food and Recharge

“Mel is a woman I cherish because of her commitment to her own journey and her willingness to dive into the discomfort in order to share tools with others.”

Lori Harder

Author, Self Love Junkie, Transformation Coach and Podcast Host

The Collective Enrolment ends in:

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The Goddess Collective is now closed.

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Why this price?

$37 a month works out to 80 cents per day. See this membership like a monthly gym membership for your soul.

This is not a disposable purchase you will click ‘buy’ on, and then forget all about. The Goddess Collective is a reminder that your self growth is the best investment you can make, and a community and club that you will partake in every single month.

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on attending retreats, seminars and masterminds. But I believe everyone who is committed to becoming the greatest version of themselves, can invest 80 cents per day.

Not everyone is ready to step up for themselves, and not everyone believes they are worth investing in. I hand on my heart believe that if something feels like a worthy investment, then you will make the effort to prioritise getting your value from it.

This is for women who are ready to step up in 2019.

Bonus Interviews

Three intimate, never seen before video interviews with experts.

Lucy Sheridan

Lucy Sheridan is the world’s first and only Comparison Coach. In this interview, we dive deep into comparison, envy, and our relationships with social media and technology. Lucy gives it to us straight, and helps us navigate the often tricky world of living our lives online.

Emily Williams

Money mindset maven and founder of I Heart My Life, Emily and Mel sit down to talk about women claiming their success, and being unapologetic about their financial goals.

Persia Lawson

Leading Love Coach and Author of The Inner Fix, Persia and Mel sit down to talk about breaking free of toxic patterns around relationships, stop attracting emotionally unavailable partners, and calling in your soulmate.

Meet Your Host

Mel Wells is a two time Number One Bestselling Author published with Hay House. Her books, ‘The Goddess Revolution’ and ‘Hungry For More’, have been described by OK magazine as “bibles” to help women quit dieting, and heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

Mel has given talks at TEDX, and at Google HQ in London, and she has appeared on TV as a guest on ITV’s Loose Women. She was featured in Forbes Under 30, who described Mel as “giving a voice to the silent struggle billions of women know so well.” Mel works with clients through her online programs, 1-1, and at her luxury Goddess retreats around the world. Mel also has founded the UK’s first Self Love Summit, a one day live event for inspiration, empowerment, and education.

Mel lives between London, LA and Bali.

The less official version…

Hey! It’s me, Mel. I’m an Aquarian who loves to travel, go on crazy adventures, and make the most out of every day. I’m obsessed with personal growth and almond milk lattes. I also used to be an actress, which is something I’ve been getting back into recently and it’s been so rewarding. My boyfriend Rick is a film maker (you’ll be seeing him inside The Collective workshops sometimes too!) I am a Type 1 on the Enneagram, and my love language is quality time and physical touch. My favourite colour is turquoise because it reminds me of island waters – and that’s why this membership branding is all inspired by my two favourite island getaways – Bali and the Maldives. I’m also a book nerd and read every day. I can’t wait to share my favourite books with you!

“I have always struggled with negative self talk and fear, but bit by bit, with the love and support from Mel and all the other wonderful goddesses, I am growing more and more each day!”


“Mel has changed my social media from one of following fitness people, to one of following self love and inspirational people, and I’m noticing this is rubbing off on how I influence others in my own life too!”


“Having the support is really wonderful. I honestly feel like these goddesses are close friends, even though we are sometimes an ocean apart.”


A Glimpse Inside

Say hello to your new soul home, and the place where your dreams will be visioned and then birthed into reality.

Set your goals with soul, integrate your masculine and feminine energies and have a support system of goddesses to lift you up and cheer you on.

If you’ve been looking for that global tribe of sisters who will support your personal and spiritual growth month after month, this is it.

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“Everything has shifted for me. My health, my relationships, my career, even where I live! I’m now pursuing my passions and living my purpose, I’ve met the love of my life and we’re about to go travel because – why not!?! All of this came from finding Mel and the Goddesses, and I am eternally grateful.”


“The support I get and the genuine love I get shown by all the women here is truly life-changing, and I couldn’t recommend this place enough.”


“I love being in the Goddess tribe, the positive support and honesty is a-maz-ing! Knowing I’m not alone, sharing things with likeminded people without the fear of being judged is so empowering to changing our stories and allowing us to grow at our own speed.”


The Goddess Collective is now closed.

To be the first to know when we reopen, join the waiting list.

Mel is constantly pushing me to take chances, step out of my comfort zone and into opportunities that have provided a tremendous amount of growth. She has been a rock to me in this process. I can’t thank her enough. 


“I’ve been working with Mel since January in such a short amount of time she has blown me away. This year has been my best year yet and I honestly believe that the work I have done with Mel on myself and my business has been a huge reason for that. I am forever thankful for the woman that Mel is and to have such an incredible soul sister like her in my life. She has inspired and cheerleaded me beyond measure and I would absolutely encourage any woman of any age to embrace in her work. It will, without doubt, change your life!”


“I have always struggled with negative self talk and fear, but bit by bit, with the love and support from Mel and all the other wonderful goddesses in this group, I am growing!”